The chatbot to reduce eyestrain
and to keep your eyes healthy.

The combination of chatbot technology and micro-learning pedagogy 

VizyBOT provides advices to employees
who spend a lot of time in front of screens.

VizyBOT offers eye gymnastics exercises
to reduce the risk of eyestrain.

Answer the sculpin’s
questions and follow tips
provided by VizyBOT.

VizyBOT, an instant and preventative tool


It fits easily
into your email


It provides an immediate
answer to solve visual


It uses targeted
micro-learning techniques to maximize memorization.

For immediate ownership, maximum reach and use rates,
interactions take place where your employees already have their daily habits.

Available in multi-channel options

VizyBOT integrates into multiple messaging formats for maximum efficiency.

You want to increase your employees wellbeing ?