Vizybot, the visual prevention chatbot

A conversational
program to anchor the good uses of digital

The chatbot to combat visual fatigue

The alliance of chatbot technology and micro-learning pedagogy. Developed in partnership with YESWESHARE, the expert in chatbot creation.

Vizybot provides advice to employees who spend a lot of time in front of screens.

Vizybot offers eye gymnastics exercises to reduce the risk of visual fatigue.

Answer the chabot’s questions and let Vizybot
guide you.

Vizybot, a preventive tool that provides immediate solutions

Simplicity of use

It integrates easily
into your email system

Instant solutions

It provides an immediate response
to solve
visual problems.

Effective Program

It uses targeted
micro-learning techniques to
maximize memorization.

For immediate ownership, maximized reach and usage rates,
interactions happen where your employees already have their daily habits.

Available in multi-channel format

Vizybot integrates into multiple messaging formats for maximum efficiency.

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