Workshop at CapGemini, Bakelite

CapGemini's gigs are also fond of good visual practices. More than 12 hours each day in front of digital screens, it burns the eyes … A few exercises to tone and relax the prunes of all, and the trick is done!

Crossroads Market

"Well-being at Work" day at Carrefour Market at the Northern Operational Directorate. A focus on vision in the face of the explosion of digital tools, with a range of fun exercises to pamper the eyes. Thank you to @monmartinsante for trusting us and Carrefour Market employees for performing so well 🙂

WoJo and Room Flavours

A workshop to become aware of the benefits of visual gymnastics and to preserve its visual health sustainably in the face of over-exposure digital. A revelation for many of the people invited by Room Saveurs.

Happy Days at Microsoft

The "happy days" are 2 days dedicated to Microsoft employees to take care of their health and work with more serenity … Vision is part of the program as a priority prevention. And of course Coach For Eyes was there!

Vinci Facilities

For security week, we were at Vinci Facilities today, to accompany employees in their digital practice. A fun and effective workshop for everyone to leave with lynx eyes.

Microsoft workshops

A new wave of eye gym workshops at MICROSOFT so that employees can take care of their eyes for a long time. On the program, tone exercises, stretching, embellished with some good visual habits. MICROSOFT employees now have lynx eyes!

France TV Event

Because vision is the most sought-after meaning, France TV has organized for its employees a unique day around visual health: glaucoma screening, conference on blue lights, visual gym workshop with Coach For Eyes. A great success through a very strong participation. That way, preserving one's vision is everyone's concern. ?

Fioulmarket Workshop is the French website for the sale of domestic fuel oil and a subsidiary of the Total Group. The company invests in the well-being and prevention of its employees, so that everyone can work in optimal conditions. Next Tuesday, Coach For Eyes will train employees in good visual practices to work effectively in front … Read more

Microsoft December 2018

Another session at Microsoft France to initiate good practices in front of screens and preserve its visual capital. 100% satisfied salaries, which largely recommend the workshop to Microsoft employees. Eye gym is effective!