Being as close as possible to digital uses

to support employees more effectively in their digital environments
and provide them with advice and exercises to work better.

Quantify and qualify to effectively transform

Visual vitality


its visual capital and possible avenues for improvement regarding exposure to screens

Screen ergonomics


your workspace to be comfortably seated in front of your screen(s)

Exercises and advice


good reflexes, strengthen your postural and eye muscles and stay focused

Digital Fatigability Index

1. Measuring the level of risk of exposure to digital fatigue
2. Individual result for implementing good digital hygiene on a daily basis
3. Consolidated results to identify levers for improving QVCT

Vizygood, an innovative program to change screen habits

Personalized activities that adapt to each level of digital exposure
Advice for preserving visual, postural and mental health when using screens
A caring and playful tone to engage users

Gold medal for best application
prevention – health
(Préventica show, 2019)

Vizybot, a chatbot that provides advice for better digital living

1. Simple and instant, to effectively combat digital fatigue
2. Developed with our partner YES WE SHARE, expert in impactful conversational programs
3. Plugs into all instant messaging to be close to digital uses without being another application to open

Digital to fight against digital fatigue?

Yes, to reach as many people as possible, in a personalized way, and where it hurts!
Our solutions and content are easily integrated into digital platforms to be as close as possible to uses and avoid the cognitive overload linked to the addition of a new application.

2 years of R&D the Vision Institute in Paris

Medical expertise in the service of well-being

Content that fits in your digital tools

Dedicated animation from the user community

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