Digital fatigue

All affected by digital fatigue and in different ways.

Various symptoms and disorders

It appears after prolonged exposure to screens.

Which triggers physiological fatigability in direct relation to too long body statics.

It is linked to the absence of breaks or occasional disconnections.

Muscles contract due to prolonged sedentary lifestyle; the brain is also under mental overload.

Digital fatigue has symptoms on the mental health of your teams
but also on their postural and visual health.

Mental health

with common disorders:

The deployment of hybrid work and the implementation of teleworking are all new practices that can change work organizations and the relationship to digital screens and digital behavior.

Long-term problems:


with common disorders:

The almost daily repetition of disorders increases the risk factors for chronic and severe long-term pathologies linked to a sedentary lifestyle.

Long-term problems:


with common disorders:

An omnipresent sense in our daily lives, sight is the working tool of employees: the eyes process and analyze 84% of sensory information.

Long-term problems:

Our mission

Our mission is not to reduce screen time but adopt good habits for healthy and responsible use of digital technology.

Our objective

Supporting employees so that they work better without degrading their health capital.

Why should you protect your employees from digital exposure?

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