To raise awareness

It means becoming aware of the risks at work, initiating an effective health prevention approach

Digital fatigue

Everyone suffers from it, no one talks about it!
Often benign digital fatigue disorders are rarely the subject of medical consultation. However, they are annoying and harm the well-being at work and the efficiency of employees.

The priority

It is to identify the disorders and risks associated with digital overexposure in order to treat and neutralize them using primary prevention tools.


Vizybot sensibilisation

At an individual level, Vizybot is the daily companion for information and giving good advice:

At the collective level,
the digital fatigability index measures exposure to digital risks.

➡ A short questionnaire makes it possible to measure exposure to 4 risk factors of fatigability.
It takes into account in particular:

The environment and ergonomics

Connection time

The type of screen

Possible problems experienced

At the individual level,
each respondent receives an individual and confidential summary of their profile.

At the collective level,
the anonymized responses make it possible to identify the levers to be implemented to improve the QVT of all (Quality of Life at Work).

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