Well-being and health at work

Coach For Eyes protects the visual health of employees facing

digital exposure, both at work and when teleworking.

Fight against digital fatigue, it means
offering a working environment healthy and efficient


Digital fatigue affects 75% of employees, leading to disorders of varying degrees at varying frequencies

Drop in efficiency

A slight visual disturbance may cause
a drop in productivity of 10%

(Source :IAPB)


Musculoskeletal problems
and psychological disorders represent 28% of sick leave

(Source : M. Humanis)

Financial costs

TMS generate
a significant loss of productivity.
For visual disorders, the loss of productivity amounts to $417 billion worldwide.

Move from prevention to action
with innovative tools accessible to all

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La fatigue numérique affecte 75% des collaborateurs, entraînant des troubles de divers degrés à des fréquences variables

Baisse d’efficacité

Un léger trouble visuel peut entraîner
une baisse de la productivité de 10%
(source IAPB)


Troubles musculo-squelettiques
et troubles psychologiques représentent 28% des arrêts maladies
(source Malakoff Humanis)

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